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The role of Ayurveda in skincare

Ayurveda is a millenary science that has its origin in India and has been around for more than 5000 years. Ayur means life and veda means knowledge. According to Ayurveda there are three different skin types: Kapha, Pitta and Vata. When it is in balance, the skin looks healthy and radiant. It is important to know what skin type you have to be able to give it special care and nutrients. In our blog you will find a simple Ayurvedic questionnaire to determine which is the predominant element in your skin.

Let us begin; Vata skin is composed of the elements air and ether. This is a dry, thin, delicate skin, when it is in imbalance it is extremely dry and can present roughness and peeling.

The Pitta skin's predominant elements are fire and water. Pitta skin is soft, warm and has medium thickness. Complexion tends to be pink and sometimes prone to freckles or moles. When it is in imbalance, it can have rosacea, acne or pigmentation disorders. Pitta skin doesn't tolerate too much sun and can also be aggravated by feelings of anger, frustration or resentment.

Kapha skin is composed of water and earth elements; It is a thick, oily skin, soft and fresh when touched. This kind is more resistant to wrinkles compared to Vata or Pitta skin. Imbalance shows as excessive fat, acne or pimples and water retention.  

Our Team

Monica W


My college engineering degree in food science, and my work experience as a quality control expert in the production of butters, waxes, and oils, made me understand the vast amount of properties all these ingredients have, especially for the skin. Later on, I began working for the cosmetic industry making products based on vegetable butters and oils. Following my travels to the Amazon and many other parts of the world, I discovered the healing powers of different oilseed plants.

I now decided to apply my passion and knowledge. I realized the power of combining these amazing ingredients and cultures to create effective products that will give wellness and radiance to your skin.

Monica Webb CEO
WellRadiant ⦙ Organic & Ayurvedic skincare

Formula Botanica graduate

Manuela Perez

Brand designer

"My designs are related to nature, happiness and architecture. I love creating pieces that combine patterns and bright colors.”

As a very inspirational and creative person, Manuela translates the WellRadiant aesthetic in every single product. Her unique style and handmade designs give our brand a very natural and modern look.

Our Ingredients
Natural and sustainable ingredients organically grown in California,

France and India

Our freshly made herbs are brought from local farmers in Northern California who are conscious of environmental and sustainable practices. Our oils and essential oils are carefully selected from Europe, Asia and America. In the products that require preservatives, only Ecocert approved ingredients are used.

Some of our ingredients include: